Need Assistance?

Supplemental grocery assistance for residents of the Jenks Public School District

Policies of  JCFB:

  • Clients must reside within the Jenks Public School district.
  • Proof of residence must be provided to receive assistance. (Current utility bill, current rent receipt or current rental agreement are the only acceptable proof).
  • Clients may receive full assistance eight times during a calendar year.  (Senior citizens over 60 years of age are exempt from this limitation).
  • A household can only receive assistance once per month, even if more than one family lives in the same house.
  • Clients must come to the Food Bank in person in order to receive assistance.
  • In addition, clients may come each Wednesday  -OR – Saturday to receive perishable items, as long as supply lasts.



When is the Food Bank open?
The Jenks Community Food Bank is open every Wednesday & Saturday from 10am to 12 Noon.
Where do you have to live to be eligible for food?
The Jenks Community Food Bank serves anyone who lives in the Jenks Public School district, you do not have to have a child in school to receive benefits.
How do I prove I live in the Jenks school district?
The Food Bank requires a utility bill or rent bill to verify your current address. Drivers license and other bills are not accpeted as proof of residence. The Jenks Community Food Bank also requires a yearly update of proof of residence from clients.
What if I don’t have proof of residence with me?
The Food Bank reserves the right to deny service to anyone who cannot prove residence in the Jenks Public School district.
How many time per month can I get groceries?
We provide supplemental non-perishable food 1 time per month per client up to 8 times in a calendar year, 12 times for anyone over the age of 60.
How many time per week can I get fresh produce, bread/bakery and dairy items?
Clients may come once a week – either Wednesday or Saturday morning.
Is there any reason to come on Wednesday or Saturday if I have already received my monthly groceries?
Yes. Each week Trader Joe’s and Reasor’s graciously provides us fresh fruit and vegetables, bread and bakery items, and occasionally milk and eggs. Everyone is eligible to receive these perishable items each Wednesday or Saturday, regardless of whether they have been served monthly supplemental groceries.